Caregivers of people, without intermediaries

Caring for the elderly for hours

Did you know…? Standards Hospice has added intelligent searches. We call it the smart search! And it’s a new functionality to make it even easier to find a caregiver available for the care of the elderly for hours, without intermediaries. Are you looking for a caregiver nursing assistants? Discover all the profiles closest to your home quickly, flexibly, safely and very easily. We offer you a professional and trustworthy service from the caregiver of the elderly, children, and caregivers for the hospital, dependents, and sick people. Hire the service for hours; you only pay for the hours you need to care for your loved one. Do you need home assistance?

Standards Hospice gives you the solution you are looking for. We are specialized in the assistance of care of elderly people at home, people with degenerative diseases, sick people in hospitals, sick people, people living in nursing homes, people with chronic diseases, people who require nursing at home.

Standards Hospice: how does it work?

1- Find caregivers for the care of elderly people for hours and ask for availability.

  1. Standards Hospice looks for other caregivers who are available at the same time if your first choice is not available, and we propose alternatives in the hour following your request.

Our goal with these changes is to improve the experience that is experienced when a person or family needs to find the help of a caregiver for hours more or less immediately. In our online platform, we offer you the best caregivers with a variety of professional profiles, secure payment, transparency and users who evaluate the service received. In Standards Hospice we pamper every detail in the selection process so that you have the guarantees and confidence you need.

With our search engine of caregivers in a few minutes, you will find the most appropriate professional caregiver for the care of elderly people for hours and you can contract it quickly and without complications. We take care of offering you only the best caregivers. Standards Hospice team verifies your training and experience. And thanks to our improved search algorithm, now we are committed to finding you a caregiver in one hour. The commitment “ONE HOUR” of family members is unique in the sector and works at any day and time of the week. The caregivers have trusted professionals based in the neighborhoods of people seeking their services or in their immediate vicinity. Speed, simplicity, and confidence in the home care

The Standards Hospice of elderly people will be responsible for the usual domestic tasks and also assist the elderly in their charge by performing tasks such as assistance in daily cleaning, escort at the outputs (hairdresser, doctor, physio, shopping … etc.), Realization of simple cures, injections, massages, supervision taking of medicines, preparation of meals with special diets, accompaniment, conversation and motivation.

The 24-hour service is intended for elderly people who live in their home, but require assistance or continuous supervision, every day of the week.


We are the fastest way to find qualified professionals for home care of dependents: in a maximum time of the hour, you will have a caregiver. That is our commitment.


The search for professionals offered by us is based on simplicity. It suffices for 3 steps to obtain the help that we need for the care of elderly or dependents:

Search: we have to enter the address and the date in which we need home care. We will immediately access a large number of profiles of professional caregivers.

Select: we will choose the caregiver that best suits our needs. We can check your experience, training and the valuation of other users. We will ask for availability to those who interest us.

Book: the professionals will answer us in a matter of minutes. We will only have to confirm the reservation of the one that interests us the most and proceed to the payment quickly and safely.


We have the best professionals; the payment is safe and due to the transparency that is obtained thanks to the evaluation of the users themselves (which filters the best caregivers), a quality service and complete trust is achieved.

Standards Hospice also benefit from multiple advantages when hiring professional caregivers through the platform. To name a few, we will have access to civil liability insurance, the assessments and opinions we build among all improve the service, there is a fully secure payment and collection gateway and the cost for users will always be the most economical possible.

Home assistance

Our goal is to improve the experience experienced when a person or family needs to find home assistance more or less immediately. We work every day to be the best community of caregivers in the care of people. Find your elderly caregivers at the best price and from just € 8 per hour. We have, among many other types of caregivers, nurses at home, caregivers for the disabled, caregivers of the sick, caregivers of dependent persons, caregivers for the elderly and hospital caregivers.

We help you with…

Special care: control of medication, cures, routes … For situations that require specialized attention.

Hygiene: help to shower, get out of bed, dress, and fix your nails or hair

The food: prepare daily food, or a day off. Special diet? Whatever you want.

The light tasks: put the washing machine, iron a shirt, and help with the purchase … What you need and when you need it.

Caring for the elderly for hours

Standards Hospice offer you that extra help you need to care for the elderly. Offering you a professional service for hours, you only pay for the hours you need. Hire the hours you need by choosing your caregivers, in a totally flexible and safe way.

  • Transportation: own vehicle available.
  • Special cares
  • Personal attention
  • Social care
  • Nursing at home
  • Assistance and help at home

Do you take something to be happy?

Yes, decisions.

Caregivers of people, without intermediaries

Co2 extracted hemp oil


Hemp (Hemp) is considered a “superfood ” for its large amount of nutrients. Hemp belongs to the same family of plants as blackberry (also known as Moraceae). The default family is known for its genetic and chromosomal complexity, which is probably what allows this family of plants to survive in almost all climates on Earth.

Co2 extracted hemp oil is a hardy plant believed to be of Asian origin (Central Asia). It can be grown in almost any ecosystem in the world. Hemp does not require any of the pesticides or herbicides that are used to keep a weak plant alive. And it usually grows from three to six feet in its full size! Only eight out of nearly a hundred known common crop pests can cause problems, and these can be treated by natural means. Hemp also suppresses weeds naturally due to its rapid growth and the development of a canopy. And on top of all this, the hemp plant produces a superfood in the form of a seed.

SFE involves the use of compressed gases beyond the “critical point”. Carbon dioxide is ideal for this process, due to its relatively low critical point. While many other gases reach this point at temperatures high enough to deactivate in the marijuana plant, the CO2 reaches the critical point at a temperature of 90 ° F. In addition, the CO2 molecules function as non-polar solvents, and it is a much safer alternative to other gases with the same properties as butane and hexane. It can also be extracted quite easily, simply by reducing the pressure applied to the solution.

Co2 extracted hemp oil provide the essential amino acids in the correct ratio for the body to generate albumin and serum globulins (proteins with various functions in the body), in a similar way to the immune system stimulating effect of the gammaglobulin antibodies. The body’s ability to resist and recover from a disease depends on how quickly it can produce quantities of antibodies to defend against the initial attack. If the initial amount of globulins is not enough, the number of antibodies may be insufficient to stop the disease.

The best system to make sure that the body has enough amino acids to make globulins is to eat foods with a high protein globulin component. Hemp proteins contain 65% Edestine globulin and include a certain amount of albumin so that their easily digestible protein is readily available with a shape similar to that of blood plasma.

We take care of every step of our manufacturing process to make sure that consumers always receive hemp oil products of high reliability. Our commitment to quality includes selecting the most reliable procedure for extracting cannabidiol oil (CBD) from hemp plants.

So we extract our hemp oil:

When it comes to protecting you and your family, one of the most important decisions we have made is to use a safe method to extract our oil, so we decided to use supercritical CO 2 to guarantee products of high quality and purity.

How is hemp oil extracted?

Botanical oils can be extracted from plants such as hemp using various methods. Commonly, a solvent is passed through the plant material, extracting the nutrient-rich oil from the plant. Then a purge process is used to remove the solvent, leaving, as a result, concentrated oil.

What is Supercritical Extraction through CO 2?

When we speak of supercritical CO 2, we refer to carbon dioxide that is in a state that maintains it at its critical temperature and critical pressure. Although it can be expensive and requires experienced and highly qualified laboratory technicians, we choose to use the supercritical CO 2 method to extract our oil.

CO2 is considered an adjustable solvent, which means that it has properties that can be precisely controlled by a user. This makes it a perfect candidate for the “supercritical” process. The carbon dioxide is cooled and compressed to more than 10,000 pounds per square inch. Compressed at these extremes, CO 2 becomes “supercritical” and becomes liquid. At that time it is heated and passed through the hemp in a closed loop extractor. These changes in the pressure and temperature of carbon dioxide allow components such as CBD and other nutrients found in the plant material to be extracted from the plant without causing any damage to heat-sensitive nutrients, such as enzymes or vitamins. After this process, the CO 2 is released and recycled, leaving highly pure and totally pure hemp extract.

How co2 extracted hemp oil is made?

Co2 extracted hemp oil a safer and more reliable method to obtain pure hemp oil. It is preferable to chemical solvents because it is not toxic or flammable. The stability of supercritical CO 2 also allows most compounds to be extracted with minimal damage to botanical compounds. Some companies choose to use hazardous chemical solvents such as butane, hexane, and acetone in their extraction process. These chemicals can leave residues in the extracted oil if they are not properly purged, leaving consumers at risk by exposing them to residual contamination.

In addition, compared to other forms of extraction, supercritical CO 2 normally generates botanical oils that are considered more faithful to the essences of the original plants. This means that the use of CO 2 allows retaining more of the chemical structure of the plant in the oil. Widely accepted as safer than traditional solvents, the supercritical CO 2 extraction method is very popular in sensitive industries, such as food. By using a co2 extracted hemp oil method, we guarantee that our products are completely safe for use by you and your entire family.

Co2 extracted hemp oil