Various Aspects of Smagning af Whisky

Who doesn’t like to have a glass of chilled whisky with ice cubes floating inside the glass. When it comes to whisky, this drink is not just savoured and relished, it is also tasted, and tasting of whisky, or smagning af whisky in Danish, is a completely separate constituent and is not like regular consumption of whisky. And this whisky tasting is a popular trend which is conducted among groups of people. It is done mostly for two purposes, either as a part of social activity or for reference purposes.


Whisky is also called whiskey when the drink originates from the United States or Ireland. For the rest, (mostly when the drink originates from Scotland) it is whisky. Sometimes the names of the drink are interchangeably used. This mostly happens when the source of the drink is not known or is not clear. This can also happen when the drink is mentioned in a general conversation.

The Perfect Guide to Taste Whisky

Some people might think that tasting of whisky is nothing but pouring whisky in a glass and drinking it, that’s it. But there is so much more to whisky tasting than merely pouring and drinking it. There is so much to learn and appreciate about the greatly varied flavours of the whisky. You should follow proper guidelines to taste whisky or otherwise the drink would leave you hungover, or broke. You might even get bored with the brand you are consuming from again and again. There are few methods for smagning af whisky in a proper way.

  • You can go to the local bar which is famous for its whisky selection or for local tasting you could buy the tickets. To perform tasting of whisky in this manner, your budget should be decent enough. This is a fun way to get to know some of the famous most brands of whisky and their flavours in the market.
  • Or you can try out a tasting service. This method is opted by those who have smaller groups or for those people who continuously want to go exploring the world of whiskies that too without the advance investment, on their own. It is the latest method to taste and discover the craft whisky of all the other spirits. This method has its advantages too, like you can taste the different types of whiskies that are not easily available or accessible. Also, this technique eliminates the requirement of researching, selecting and finding out the source of the different types of whiskies all by yourself. While you are tasting whisky, tasting notes are given and with the help of algorithms, you get to know your likes, favourites, and dislikes. This helps you to come up with more number of whiskies that will suit to your likings instead of tasting all the thousands of whiskies. It is like the concierge of whiskies.
  • The easiest way would be to get yourself several bottles of whisky and then you can host a smagning af whisky all by yourself. This method can actually be fun as you can bring your friends to know more about whisky together. Also, you can enjoy the whole experience in a fun way.

Of all the above three mentioned methods, the methods that will provide you with the maximum control and flexibility over the way you perform the whisky tasting are the second and the third method.

The Motive Achieved by Whisky Tasting

The primary purpose people have for smagning af whisky is to completely enjoy the drink and to lose themselves in the true bliss of the varied flavours and the magnificent aroma of the various types of whiskies. And this is all done in the best and most meaningful way possible. It is mostly about learning the various flavour profiles or trying out a rare type of whisky. It could even be about comparing several kinds of drams in a series to learn which whisky bottle would be the best so that you can later add that particular whisky to your collection.

Hosting A Whisky Tasting at Home

All over the world, there are numerous people who organize smagning af whisky at home and this trend is increasingly becoming popular. Just like people organize a game of cards, this is also an organized event letting groups of people with similar interests to enjoy different varieties of whiskies like single malts. This is one of the best ways to appreciate the fellowship of like-minded people or friends.

Hosting a whisky tasting at your house can be done with ease. But to ensure that the event goes well and does not involve any hitches, you will need few things like –

  • The Host for the Event
  • Water Carafe
  • Glassware

There are few other things that are not so essential for the event, so can be skipped.

The host for the event will be the person who guides the smagning af whisky. It can be a knowledgeable friend of yours or even you yourself. If you are the one to host the event, then you have to research on the types of whiskies you are going to present for the event, before the event is about to get going on. You also have to prepare a note list that you can hand out with each and every dram.

By having a water carafe, you can give water at the room temperature. Though, you should insist your friends to first sample out at full strength the whisky type before adding the water. However, even if you are not going to be the host and lead the event or give a lecture on whisky, you can have the water carafe for the purpose of adding water to the whisky.

The perfect glassware to choose if you are hosting a traditional tasting of whisky would be Copita Nosing Glass. This is the choice for most of the master distillers and even critics. The reason lies in the tulip shape that ensures the best smelling of the drink.

Various Aspects of Smagning af Whisky