All about the generac pressure washers

In recent years there has been a notable increase in the number of people making the decision to buy a pressure washer, either for their home or for any business they own. And it is a household appliance that makes the cleaning carried out in a space, whatever the type, is not only easy and fast but also very deep. How do you achieve that? Basically by means of a simple system of operation those bases in the steam of water expelled to pressure, thanks to the bomb that incorporates. In this way, jets have obtained that help to clean in an absolutely complete and exhaustive way. You can attain that by using the generac pressure washers!

What is and what is a pressure washer/pressure washer?

It is a machine used to clean different kinds of surfaces, using water under pressure. They can be surfaces that are part of the house, such as floors, walls or walls and windows; on the contrary, even the vehicle itself, be it a compact or a pickup truck. The operating mechanism of a pressure washer is basically a pump. At one end, the hose that comes from the tap is connected. When the machine is started, the motor activates the pump that pressurizes the water. The water is released under pressure to the gun of the generac pressure washers pressing the trigger of the gun, to the nozzle, where you can set the water output, which, as a standard measure, comes out at a speed of 6 litres/min!

The water that comes out through the hose and a nozzle has enough pressure to remove any kind of dirt. With generac pressure washers you can clean with great precision the most difficult dirt on all surfaces, since, apart from water, the best can mix soap and special degreaser for rough surfaces. The degreasing characteristics have to do with the use of cold or hot water. The use of hot water allows a better degreasing and cleaning of perennial spots, thanks to its polar properties of attachment to the molecules of dust, dirt and grease that are housed in the surfaces, regardless of what material is being talked about.

  • The mode of operation of a pressure washer is basically to take water from a normal hose, connected to a tap, to increase its pressure up to 25 times.
  • A high-pressure cleaner allows cleaning any surface through a jet of water under pressure. Therefore it is very useful to remove the most difficult dirt.
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Tips for buying a pressure washer

If you are thinking, after many people around you have told you about their benefits, in acquiring one of those high-pressure cleaners, you need to know what factors you should look for to obtain the one that best suits your needs:

  • In particular, you should know that there are two fundamental groups: those that work in an electric way, which are the most common and that are recommended for the domestic sphere, and those that operate using gasoline. These, on the other hand, are those that are advised to use both to clean outdoor spaces and commercial areas, companies …
  • Of course, it is important that you pay attention to the pressure force that you have so that the cleaning is carried out correctly.
  • In the same way, do not forget to take into consideration what kind of accessories you include, when you can undertake your work in a deeper way or for spaces with very specific characteristics.

These are some of the factors that you must observe and analyze when purchasing your model. Before continuing, in the following table, you can see at a glance which is the best models and their main characteristics.

Buy generac pressure washers

In what characteristics should be fixed?

Although it is true that the basic model of operation of a high-pressure washer is its powerful pump, which draws a jet of water under pressure; you should also look at other properties and characteristics that are important and should be taken into account to know what pressure washer to buy. These are some of the characteristics that you must take into account:

The price of a pressure washer

How much money do you plan to invest?

The high-pressure cleaners are located within a wide range of prices, so it is good that you establish a budget before continuing. The cheapest pressure washers are below 85 euros, but the models with greater water output power and more benefits, are in a range that ranges from 100 to 430 euros.

What water output power do you want to obtain?

Generac pressure washers has three basic components

PERFORMANCE: It is the capacity of the machine to cover a certain area per unit of time. At a constant speed and movement of the nozzle, it can cover from 24 m2 / h up to one with greater power, which can have a range close to 60 m2 / h.

PRESSURE: As it is being talked about that this machine handles water at a certain pressure, the pumping of water has a certain power consumed, which is not equal to the power that is finally transmitted to the fluid and which is the real power with which the water comes out. The pressure unit used by these machines is the bar. At higher engine power, higher pressure and flow of water generated. The generac pressure washers can reach 160 bars for a motor that handles a power of more than 2500 W.

FLOW: Thanks to the power of the engine and the pressure that a particular model of pressure washer can handle; the amount of water that leaves per unit of time can reach 600 litres / h.

All about the generac pressure washers