4 Most Strange Wedding Cultures around the World

Wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and this day is celebrated differently in different cultures.

There is some fun in these different traditions and a lot of spice.

So if you happen to be planning a wedding based on these cultures, it might be good idea to invite a photographer to capture all the unique moments of your life.

Thing change as have the beliefs.

Long ago all these traditions were done because of their deeply rooted meaning, but now they are just some strange wedding cultures that people follow just for fun.

Here are some that you might want to know about:

German Weddings

The strange thing about the German weddings is that the rings are placed in the right hand instead of the left.

There is no real significance to this except that it is a tradition that is different from the others.

Then there is also a tradition that is known as “sawing”

As the name suggests, it involves a lot of use of saw.

After the couple has been pronounced husband and wife, they go out to look for a log and there is only one saw.

The couple saws through the log and the way they work as team over this shows how they will work in a marriage.

Scotland Weddings

There is a tradition in Scotland known as the “Blackening of the Bride”

In this tradition the bride is run down with anything that is filthy and smells.

She is covered in all these substances that stinks really bad.

Some even cook specially for this occasion.

Then the bride is shown off through all the main street.

Some people believe that it is the groom instead of the bride.

While there are also some that believe that it is both of them.

It depends on the family and their rituals.

Indian Weddings

Indian weddings have their own strange wedding cultures.

There is a rather beautiful tradition known as “Mehndi” where the bride is covered in ink known as henna before her wedding.

And this is further celebrated by music and dancing.

Indian weddings last for days and each day is celebrated differently.

All of them have their unique traditions and different steps each day.

Irish Weddings

Irish people have their own beliefs.

One of which includes that bad fairies are attracted to beautiful things.

A bride, in light of this, is very susceptible to them.

And on the day of her wedding, the bride is not to lift her feet at all.

So on the dance floor, she has to dance while dragging her feet.

And if she goes missing, the person she danced with is responsible.

One of the other beliefs is that it is bad luck to wear green to a wedding.

You can wear any color but that.

Wedding traditions are ways to make your wedding interesting and fun! Even though you don’t believe in them they can really create some good memories.

Does your culture have such traditions?

4 Most Strange Wedding Cultures around the World

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